About Ian Mussman

Ian Mussman was born and raised in Paris, France. He came to the USA in 1979 to attend college at the University of Oregon and went on to study Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, the oldest school of Naturopathic Medicine in the country, and graduated with an N.D. degree in 1986.

Ian was frustrated with standard diagnostic testing which focuses on pathology but is unable to identify underlying patterns of dysfunction. In 1992 he discovered bio-resonance feedback testing, which allows him to identify underlying patterns of dysfunction that precede disease, and he dedicated himself to becoming an expert in its application.

As Ian continued to apply the bio-resonance feedback testing to help him solve difficult client health issues, he became interested in the potential of this testing to lend itself to the understanding of underlying emotional and spiritual issues as well. He understood (as many other healers have) that physical dysfunction is generally the result of underlying emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances, and he decided to develop a system of questioning that would lead to the discernment of the precise imbalance with which the client was struggling.

Utilizing a combination of high quality supplements, trauma releasing exercises, and spiritual reconnection, Ian’s discoveries have enabled his clients to consistently clear the emotional, mental and spiritual conditions that underlie their physical, emotional, financial, vocational and relational challenges.

When California began to recognize naturopathy with professional licensing in 2005, Ian chose to remain unlicensed and continue practicing as a health care and spiritual consultant, as the limitations of the license would disallow some of the effective techniques he has developed.

Ian met his partner, Brandy Bennitt, in 2007 and together they co-authored a book , The Law, The Grace, The Love and The Truth, which gives a general overview of the discoveries Ian has made regarding the effect of the ego on overall emotional health, and how to release it. Together they formed the company Alpha Gamma Brain, LLC (named for the ideal brain wave state that they have found is most conducive to living a joyous, fulfilled and healthy life on all levels).

Ian and Brandy make their home in Santa Barbara with their children.


Working with Ian in private sessions has helped me to drop victim consciousness and connect to my Higher Self. Through these sessions, I have released false negative programming and reclaimed my power as a man. Every session with Ian is as much a discovery about life as it is a healing treatment that brings noticeable change.

- Jimmy Allen

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