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At Alpha Gamma Brain, we assist our clients to enjoy a life that is full of peace, joy, prosperity and fulfillment of life purpose. We do this by working with spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical principles, tools and techniques to remove blocks on all levels.

When Ian Mussman and Brandy Bennitt began collaborating in 2007, they had no idea that this collaboration would quickly produce a book and a whole new way of working with clients! Together, they founded AGB in 2010. Both of them carry into this work many years of experience as solo practitioners, Ian Mussman as a naturopath and spiritual advisor and Brandy Bennitt in the field of organizational psychology and business management.

Ian Mussman works with both individuals and couples to identify the underlying issues that contribute to the client’s current life conditions and circumstances, and the factors or traumas that block them from reaching their goals on every level. In his 25 years of practice, Ian has channeled and perfected the use of a unique diagnostic questioning technique that uses Biofeedback Resonance Testing to identify factors that are outside the client’s conscious perception. His sessions include progress notes and a plan of action for the client.

Our clients begin their journey with us by doing an initial consultation with Ian Mussman over the phone. We currently work with clients residing not only in the US and Canada but China, New Zealand, Australia, England, Eastern Europe and South America as well, and with the power of technology we can work with anyone that has access to a phone line or internet connection.

At this first session, Ian is able to give the client a clear idea of how functional she or he is overall on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. He also identifies where the client is blocked, helps to release the blocks immediately and forms a plan of action to take the client to the next level of mastery. The program may include options such as homeopathics, nutritional supplements, neurofeedback, trauma releasing exercises, prayer and spiritual practices, each chosen according to the client’s own preferences and compatibility.

To create powerful, effective and lasting change, our clients are encouraged to meet with Ian for one hour every week for 90 days for an initial period. Homeopathic products and supplements can easily be shipped to our clients wherever they may be. We also support our clients by answering email questions as they move through their process. Many clients choose to work with us on an on-going basis as they continue to deepen and strengthen their own pathway toward Self Mastery and total wellbeing.

Dr. Ian Mussman and Brandy Bennitt have co-authored a book entitled “The Law, The Grace, The Love and The Truth” which offers an introduction to this work and contains tools and practices which you, your family and friends can easily use at home so that your lives are more peaceful, joyful and full of love.

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Each session is like looking in a mirror that helps me to really see myself. For example, I was astounded to learn that some of my present behaviors were remnants of mimicking those of my sister, from childhood, in an attempt to vie for our mother's love, actions are that are inefficient and counterproductive to a joyful life and behaviors that I would never consciously emulate. That was an eye-opener. Read more

- Mimi Hersh

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