Prosperity is a true state of abundance, peace, joy, health and enthusiasm for life.

Shockingly, it is not determined by what you do for a living, how hard you work or how good you are at what you do.

We really don't earn or make money, we receive it… and we only receive as much as we allow ourselves based on our self-worth and our receptivity.

Prosperity is a relaxed state of receptivity.

Spirituality, truth and poverty are incompatible. Poverty is the result when we block the spiritual flow of divine energy available to us. We block that flow of divine energy through our negativity, which includes false programming and false beliefs and negative attitudes towards money. Some common examples of false programs are “Money is dirty, money is not spiritual, money corrupts, to be poor is to be holy and to be rich is to be corrupt and exploitative, rich people are rich because poor people are poor, etc…” Every one of these statements is absolutely false, but most of us are harboring some version of them in our subconscious minds, and they are blocking the flow of prosperity from materializing in our life experience.

Prosperity is blocked by our ego, too. The ego makes us self-righteous about being poor and about hating money.

Prosperity is blocked by our lack of self-worth, which can manifest as false beliefs such as, “I am not worthy, I don't deserve, I am not valuable,” etc.

When we value ourselves we are relaxed, trusting, grateful and appreciative. When we release false beliefs about money, stop resenting it, hating it and embrace it as the spiritual blessing that it is, we open ourselves to receiving abundance.

In the spiritual plane there is no time or space but only Oneness with the Light and the perfection of Divine energy. There are two parts to the Divine energy.

In the Far East they are referred as Yin and Yang, and here we refer to them as Divine Mother and Divine Father. Imagine two spirals of energy spinning away from each other ever since the Big Bang, which was the point of separation of the Oneness into duality, and the birth of the physical plane of existence in the space-time continuum. Imagine those two spirals, one descending, which is the feminine energy, and one ascending, which is the masculine energy.

The yin, feminine spiral descends through our crown chakra, carrying the light from the spiritual plane down through all seven chakras to ground it into the material world through us. It brings with it all blessings – every blessing imaginable.

The yang, masculine energy compels us to ascend through those same chakras by releasing all negativity (including the ego delusion of separation, our accumulated karmic patterns and associated pain and suffering, false programming and invalid dogmatic beliefs) to return to our already perfect essential Divine nature.

The yin feminine descending energy is called Divine Mother. She is the polarity of the divine generally ignored by all monotheistic religions, which tend to focus on the ascending yang masculine aspect (Divine Father, God, Lord). Divine Mother is the aspect of God that is all-loving, all-blessing, and unconditionally accepting. This is the aspect of God that wants us to be abundant, joyful, and fulfilled. It is pure unconditional love.

The dogmatic religious teaching that desire is bad and sinful is a misinterpretation of the truth.

We are not here to release our desire but to purify our desire so we receive more in order to share it with others. When we are aligned with our spiritual purpose and we are receptive to the blessings of Divine Mother, we receive abundance not just for ourselves alone but so that we may share the blessings with others by becoming more like Divine Mother - giving, sharing and loving. Money is one of the mediums of exchange that we use to measure this prosperity energy and it is just one aspect of Her Divine love.

Money activates the second chakra, which is the chakra of “fulfillment of desires.” Money is just an energy flow of fulfillment. Money is like sunshine, permanent and unending.

The sun shines on the just and the unjust, and so Divine Mother and money bless us all, as She is completely non-judgmental.

If you want more abundance in your life, stop blocking the flow of money by cursing it and recognize that it is pure energy provided for your fulfillment at every moment.

Build your desire to receive more of it so you can share it. Just as electricity is transmitted by contact so is the flow of money energy. What we think of as money (coins, bills, checks) is just an accounting system to facilitate the exchange of that energy. Embrace money and love it as it is a gift from the Divine.

Embrace yourself and love yourself so you feel worthy of receiving Her blessings. Be grateful when you receive money and when you share money by spending it.

Money is like solar energy, like electricity - infinite, unending, permanent. We make a deal with the devil, (which is nothing more than the ego) when we believe that money is limited, rare, and hard to get. As a result of those false beliefs we resent money just as a jilted lover resents the person he feels rejected him. In reality it is we who rejected money by focusing our negative emotions on it.

Love money as money loves you because it is a gift from the Divine. Love yourself as the Divine loves you as you are one with the Light. Love the Light as the Light loves you as it is your true, essential nature to be at one with it, just as you already are on the spiritual plane.



...the group sessions led by Brandy are just as important because she teaches us to take what we've learned from our private sessions and use those lessons to help not only ourselves but our communities. My life is not only on track these days but flourishing in just about every way. I have found a romantic partner, I have discovered intuitive gifts that I didn't know I had, and I have reached a level of self-love that I thought impossible. Read the rest here.

- Berda Gilmore

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