Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is your very best friend.

The more you know your Higher Self, the more joyful you will be, and the more Grace will fill your life.

Your Higher Self and your Guardian Angel are one and the same. It is your own Higher Self, your own fully enlightened, pure consciousness, that exists with you always, and which guides and protects your life.

The quality of your life experience on Earth is determined by your awareness of your Higher Self, and the level of identification you have with your Higher Self.

Each of us is a wave upon one Ocean.

Your Higher Self is the pure water of the wave that you are. You are the wave and the Ocean is the One, Universal Consciousness. The Ocean exists within the Field of All Possibilities.

Your Higher Self is the pure water of the wave that you are. Your personality is nothing more than the part of you that does not know herSelf, or himSelf. The more you understand your Higher Self – Her/His qualities, Her/His truth – the more eager you are to release the false beliefs you have developed that make up your personality. The more you know your Higher Self, the more willing you are to trade in your ego - to release the ego - in exchange for experiencing life as the pure Higher Self.

You are inextricably connected to every other human being and all life on Earth. Each of us is a wave in that same ocean of Universal Consciousness. Some of us are more identified with that truth, some are less. All of us are a path to becoming more identified with the truth of our own Being. There are many paths, only one destination.

The more you experience your pure Higher Self, the more you will want to experience your pure Higher Self. This is positive Desire.

Your Higher Self has a purpose in having a human body. Before your Higher Self had this body, you studied this planet. After a period of study, you saw an opportunity on this planet: “Ah, I see this planet Earth needs this! (“this” could be a quality of being, or the leader of a major movement on the planet, or the support staff for such a movement, or simply one human being who exists in a peaceful state of being – it can be any one of a million different things). You thought to yourself, “I can provide that. I will apply to go there and to bring that forth on this wonderful planet. I know that when I am able to express this quality, or accomplish this task (or whatever it is that I know this planet Earth needs) it will affect the quality of life for every Being on this planet.”

The divine purpose of our Higher Self is always a Soulful purpose.

This means that it is open-heartedly dedicated to shifting the quality of life not only for you, as an individual expression of the One Consciousness, but it is equally dedicated to shifting the quality of life for every Being on this planet.

So you applied, and you were granted a body on the planet Earth in which to accomplish this task. This is how you began your Earthly experience.

Of course, you know that when we come into our physical manifestation, a process occurs whereby we lose our identification with our Higher Self. It becomes covered in the layers of negativity such as karma, false mental beliefs, false programming, judgment, etc. So the process of reconnecting and re-identifying with the Higher Self is the process of releasing all of these layers of negativity, until all we are left with is our pure, true Essence. This is the Game.

The One Consciousness is constantly evolving and expanding, and it is doing this through the individual expressions of Itself, you and me.

Every shift that we make in this world ripples out and affects every other wave in the Ocean.

The essential nature of the Ocean of Consciousness is peaceful, loving, joyful, enthusiastic, beautiful, and all-encompassing. It possesses every virtue. This is also the essential nature of your Higher Self, and mine, for the nature of the wave is no different from the nature of the ocean, is it?

The more identified we become with our Higher Self, the more the essential nature of our Higher Self governs our lives. So as we become more identified with this Higher Self, we find that peace, joy, love, beauty, and gratitude govern our life experience. As our life experience becomes permeated with these qualities, our bodies and minds become harmoniously attuned to these qualities as well. Thus, dis-harmonies such as physical disease and dysfunction, or financial lack, or disharmony in our relationships, begin to fade out of our experience.

There is no greater guru, no greater teacher, and no more supreme being than your own true Higher Self.

Know Her, embrace Him. S/He is your own, true Self.

Of course, once you have completed the work of re-identifying with your Higher Self, it’s only the beginning. Now that you remember who you are and what you are here to do, it’s time to do it!

That’s the subject of another writing, about how to function effectively in the world. Of course, we must first have a grounded foundation in identification with our Higher Selves if we wish to truly know and fulfill our Divine purpose. So understanding our Higher Self, and learning to identify with our Higher Self, is where we must begin the journey on the path to fulfillment.



And the group sessions led by Brandy are just as important because she teaches us to take what we've learned from our private sessions and use those lessons to help not only ourselves but our communities. My life is not only on track these days but flourishing in just about every way.

- Berda Gilmore

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