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Ian Mussman: Private Sessions

Ian Mussman works with individuals, couples, and businesses to identify the underlying issues that contribute to the client’s current conditions and life circumstances, and the factors or traumas that block them from reaching their goals on every level. In his 20+ years of practice, Ian has channeled and perfected the use of a unique diagnostic questioning technique that uses Biofeedback Resonance Testing to identify factors that are outside the client’s conscious perception. His sessions always include progress notes and a plan of action for the client.

Pricing and Session Length
Ian works exclusively over the phone with all clients. Ian’s initial sessions last from 60 minutes and are $225. Follow-up sessions are booked at $180 / hour. Some clients prefer to do longer sessions and will book 2-hour, 3-hour or 4-hour sessions. We recommend that clients see him once a week or every other week for the first three months, and then we re-evaluate to see what frequency to recommend. Please see below for complete pricing.

Private Sessions with Ian Mussman
60 Min Initial Visit $225
60 Min Follow Up $180
75 Min Follow Up $225
90 Min Follow Up $270
2 Hour Follow Up $360
3 Hour Follow Up $540
4 Hour Follow Up $720



Through the brain training and sessions with Ian and Brandy I now have a better understanding where my anxiety is rooted and the trauma that initiated it in the first place. This understanding along with guided release exercises allowed me to have more control over my fear and anxiety. I am proud to say that the frequency of my nightmares has decreased by 80%. I feel like a new me, more balanced in my life, empowered, authentic and excited for what’s to come. Read the rest here.

- Stacey G

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