Where is Divine Mother?

She is so much closer to each of us than we can ever comprehend. We exist in Her heart. She is like the sunlight, and she permeates everything. Everything that comes to us is a blessing from Divine Mother. When our heart is open to her and our relationship to her is one of total receptivity, we perceive all her gifts as they truly are, blessings of unconditional love.

When our heart is closed to Her, when we are bitter and angry with Her due to our own misunderstanding and belief that we are Her victims, we perceive Her gifts negatively, and push them away just as we reject Her.

Divine Mother brings us everything that we need. It is She who brings us food and clothing, shelter and companionship. She brings us joy, unconditional love, the fulfillment of all our desires, adoration, inspiration, beauty and delight, solace and comfort, and connection to others. She also brings us the reflections of our own negativity so that we may see it more clearly and then release it.

Every experience we have is a gift of unconditional love from Divine Mother. When we reject our own experiences through our misunderstanding, we reject Her. What we reject in others is really just our own negativity reflected back to us, so when we reject that, we reject Her and ourselves as well.

Any rejection is a rejection of the Divine.

When did we learn to say “No!”? When we were two, and our egos awakened, leading us to believe that we were now separate and apart from Her. Because of our awakened egos we felt separate and alone, and we wrongly believed that She had abandoned us. We were so angry and bitter at that perceived abandonment that we did what children naturally do: we slammed the door on Her.

We have all been angry with Her since the age of two, and if you are reading this you are either still angry with Her, or you have a beautiful life marked by the complete fulfillment of all your desires, a feeling of being adored, total receptivity and relaxation, inspired vision of who you are and what you are here to accomplish, connection with others and the true, ever-present conviction that you are loved unconditionally and beyond all measure.

If you do not feel that way, you have not yet opened yourself to Her completely.

Here is what we typically find when we look at the emotional charge that most people have towards Divine Mother: we find an emotional pattern of complete and utter rejection. If there is a door to open to Her, this one is slammed firmly shut and locked tight.

In contrast, do you know what we find when we test the emotional charge that Divine Mother has towards those who reject Her? It is always and inevitably unconditional love.

It does not matter for how long or how many lifetimes one rejects Her – she still loves every single being unconditionally, every second of every day.

Divine Mother is like the sunshine. The sun is always shining, even when it is night. If we ever perceive ourselves to be without light, it is not because the sun is not shining. The sun does its job every second of every day: it shines. In the case of our personal relationship to Divine Mother, if there is ever a moment when we feel Her love is absent from our experience, it’s not because She abandoned us, it’s because we shut the door on Her in one way or another.

To understand what happened in your relationship with Divine Mother, imagine you once had a wonderful fairy godmother. This godmother gave you everything you needed and wanted. She adored you, fulfilled your desires, guided you, connected you with others, granted you solace and comfort and blessed you with constant, unconditional love. For the first two years of your life, you felt her presence and her love very strongly. Then around the age of two, through some misunderstanding, you got the wrong message that this godmother had abandoned you. You believed she left you to function in the world all alone, without her love and attention. What heartbreak you felt! This heartbreak made you angry and bitter. You felt victimized. You felt as though this wasn’t fair – you had agreed to be here in this life on the one condition that you had this fairy godmother to take care of you, and then she just left you…

When she tried to explain and clear up the misunderstanding, you wouldn’t hear it. You slammed the door in her face to show her how hurt you were. When she called, you slammed down the phone. She sent you letters; you tore them up without reading them. It didn’t matter what she did – nothing would let you forget your hurt and bitterness.

From the age of two forward, when good things came to you, you didn’t believe that they were gifts from her (although they were – all gifts are from Divine Mother) – you thought you had earned them, or deserved them, or that they came to you through luck. You gave credit everywhere except to her. You refused to believe that you were loved. After all, you were convinced Divine Mother had abandoned you! This is the ultimate feeling of victimhood because when you believe that Divine Mother abandoned you, you can draw only one conclusion:

...if She doesn’t love you, you must be unlovable.

This gives rise to a deep-seated feeling of self-rejection as well.

This is the human experience of Divine Mother energy. It is the story we play out in lifetime after lifetime as a result of having an ego that awakens out of dormancy around the age of two. Prior to that age, when our ego is asleep, we are able to effortlessly feel our connection to the Divine Mother at all times, and we do not ever feel separate, or alone. But once our ego awakens, we feel very separate indeed, and we believe the illusion that we are alone in this world.

Divine Mother loves all her children unconditionally, and She is constantly bringing to each of them all the gifts they need for their joy and fulfillment. All each child needs to do is open the door to Her. We do this by being grateful, and acknowledging Her in everything, in everyone, everywhere.

You can open your heart to Her first by apologizing for rejecting Her in your ignorance. Ask for forgiveness – of course she will give it – but ask anyway, because it’s good for the soul to ask for forgiveness when we have made errors. Express your gratitude to Her for all the gifts she has brought you that went unacknowledged by you. Then begin to thank her daily for all that She brings to you.

If a stranger gives you a smile, remember to thank Her. If you experience the lift of a beautiful scene in nature, the love of a friend, the pleasure of eating, or sex, or receiving money or gifts of any kind, remember to thank Her.

Acknowledge Her in every bit of beauty, grace, and joy you encounter. She is the Giver of all Gifts.

The Seven Gifts From Divine Mother (one for each chakra):

First Chakra (base of the spine) Connection – belonging (to any group)
Second Chakra (lower abdomen) Joy – fulfillment of desires (money)
Third Chakra (solar plexus) Adoration – feeling special and appreciated
Fourth Chakra (heart) Solace – feeling comforted
Fifth Chakra (throat) Delight – experiences of beauty that cause expressions of delight
Sixth Chakra (mind) Inspiration – of your spiritual purpose in this life
Seventh Chakra (crown of the head) Love – true, unconditional love



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