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To Self Mastery Foundational Seminar
With Brandy Bennitt

This foundational seminar will teach you’re the principles of what Self Mastery is all about. In this 48-hour seminar (12 sessions of four hours each) you will learn all about the research we have done on topics such as prosperity, karma, Grace, Divine Mother, Divine Father, powerful spiritual practices, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and power, manifestation, and much, much more.

In this groundbreaking seminar, Brandy will explain the source of all suffering and how to overcome it in very practical, concrete terms. You will learn how to use your willpower to refrain from going into negative states and instead connect to your heart in forgiveness and understanding. The skills you will learn here will directly lead to your ability to live a prosperous, peaceful, and stable life of fulfillment and joy.

TSM Seminar 1:
Understanding TSM and why it helps to relieve your life pressure

Session #1 – The 12 Principles of To Self Mastery
Session #2 – What Life Pressure is and how to relieve it
Session #3 – Recommended spiritual disciplines to relieve life pressure
Session #4 – Maintaining your yin/yang balance and why it’s important to do so

TSM Seminar 2:

Earth School: How we got here, what we need to do to graduate

Session #1 – A wonderful metaphor to help us understand Earth School, the Ego, Consciousness and Alignment
Session #2 – The different low states of consciousness and the karmic patterns we incur when we drop into those states
Session #3 – A full understanding of the principle of Alignment
Session #4 – How to align yourself with the Light

TSM Seminar 3:

Understanding Spiritual Power and how to invoke it

Session #1 – Understanding the 24 levels of TSM
Session #2 – Understanding the four levels of Power
Session #3 – How to invoke spiritual power through prayer
Session #4 – What it means to be at levels 17 and 18 in TSM and to live in a state of consciousness of 500 the majority of the time

TSM Seminar 4:

Understanding disease, healing, and grace

Session #1 – Understanding the true causes of disease
Session #2 – The different levels of “healing” and the power to activate them
Session #3 – What is required to effect spiritual healing?
Session #4 – Grace: what it is, how to earn it, what it can do and how much you need

TSM Seminar 5:

The 10 Steps to Self Mastery

Session #1 – The goal of TSM and the 10 steps to Self Mastery
Session #2 – TSM Step #4: Releasing victim consciousness and understanding and releasing karma
Session #3 – TSM Step #3: Integrity and the 10 Commandments (Can you recite them from memory?)
Session #4 – TSM Step #5: Equanimity is maintaining emotional balance in all situations

TSM Seminar 6:

Understanding how to make prayer more effective and how to clear our karmic patterns

Session #1 – Understanding what drives us and how to get our motors running
Session #2 – Power Prayer
Session #3 – How to clear karma and release the ego
Session #4 – The 7 Relationships and why we need to have peace in each of them

TSM Seminar 7:

How to Manifest in the Illusion

Session #1 – What is the Illusion, and what is Divine?
Session #2 – If I created everything in my life, why did I create THIS?
Session #3 – Techniques for Manifestation
Session #4 – How to more powerfully astral activate

TSM Seminar 8:

Death and Life

Session #1 – How does an understanding of death help you to become a better manifestor? What happens when you die?
Session #2 – Becoming human and de-mystifying self mastery, prosperity and manifestation
Session #3 – Growing the Vessel: Maturity, Leadership and the Willingness to Face Our Fears
Session #4 – Important Guidelines to Manifesting

TSM Seminar 9:

Achieving Greater Spiritual Power

Session #1 – How to open the Aperture
Session #2 – The voices we hear in our head
Session #3 – Advanced understanding of prayer
Session #4 – Our Spiritual Intercessors

TSM Seminar 10:


Session #1 – Making a Contribution
Session #2 – Obstacles to making a Contribution
Session #3 – Why some people don’t heal
Session #4 – Progress

TSM Seminar 11:

Living Through the Heart

Session #1 – What is emotional health, why do I want it and how do I get it?
Session #2 – How do I know if I am connected to my heart or not?
Session #3 – How to have rationality in our relationships, especially with partners and children
Session #4 – Our life purpose, making a contribution, and Tests

TSM Seminar 12:

Session #1 – How to have Presence
Session #2 – Our life purpose, making a contribution, and Tests
Session #3 – Releasing outer authority and connecting to inner authority
Session #4 – How progress and evolution plays out in the world scene as we move toward the Golden Age



...the group sessions led by Brandy are just as important because she teaches us to take what we've learned from our private sessions and use those lessons to help not only ourselves but our communities. My life is not only on track these days but flourishing in just about every way. I have found a romantic partner, I have discovered intuitive gifts that I didn't know I had, and I have reached a level of self-love that I thought impossible. Read the rest here.

- Berda Gilmore

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