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Brandy Bennitt and Ian Mussman have pioneered and continue to refine a sophisticated system of healing that synthesizes body & mind to such an extent that it is impossible to submit to their shamanic, yet medically based approach without profound results and measurable healing.  As a colleague of theirs, I have had the privilege of working with their clients deeply enough to recognize repeatable & durable patterns of health as a direct result of their work.  Simply put, there is an energy shift in those who immerse themselves.  Their clients are happier people, with more optimism and fulfillment of their dreams and goals than a dozen other modalities put together.  They seemed to have missed nothing, thought of everything and created such a fun, doable program that clients come and come, and don't ever seem to want to leave.  Instead, they form a tribe of individuals who support each other, cheer each other on and develop a habit of sustainable wellness and confidence.  I wish everyone with a commitment to wellness the opportunity to experience Ian and Brandy.
-- Andrea Davis, Facilitator of Family Constellation Work

"I came to Ian and Brandy specifically for my issues with sleep and anxiety. It was very rare that I had a full night of sleep. I had fears about falling asleep as well as vivid nightmares that would startle me to the point of being scared to fall back to sleep. These fears controlled me and had a negative impact on the quality of my life. I was constantly in fear and never fully rested. Through the brain training and sessions with Ian and Brandy I now have a better understanding where my anxiety is rooted and the trauma that initiated it in the first place. This understanding along with guided release exercises allowed me to have more control over my fear and anxiety. I am proud to say that the frequency of my nightmares has decreased by 80%. I feel like a new me, more balanced in my life, empowered, authentic and excited for what’s to come. The work that I have done with Ian and Brandy has been able to pinpoint the issue and allow me to function better in all areas of my life. Thank you so much!"
-- Stacey G.

"I have enjoyed tremendous results from Alpha Gamma, both from brain training with Brandy Bennitt, and from working with Ian Mussman. When I needed a solution to an allergy, one that had been intermittent for years, Ian discovered the perfect product for me using his testing equipment and within one day I was cured. And brain training can totally eliminate addictions; I have seen this! Our brain dictates every aspect of life, in letting us see options or not, and letting us select the best strategies or not; it is our brain’s neural pathways and brain chemistry that make the difference. I recommend brain training to every one of my clients so that they can have the best possible brain to create the best possible life; and some need brain training in order to quickly master the Heartspace© System life skills that I teach. THANK YOU!!!"
-- Susan Allan CEO The Marriage Forum, Inc. www.thepeaceforum.org

"Alpha Gamma Brain has helped me immeasurably. When I came to them I knew my life was off track but I couldn't pinpoint the problems. In just a couple of private sessions, Ian was able to show me the negative patterns that were running my life and derailing me. And the group sessions led by Brandy are just as important because she teaches us to take what we've learned from our private sessions and use those lessons to help not only ourselves but our communities. My life is not only on track these days but flourishing in just about every way. I have found a romantic partner, I have discovered intuitive gifts that I didn't know I had, and I have reached a level of self-love that I thought impossible. I wake up in the morning and dance through the whole day. Ian and Brandy are an unbelievable team and I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to reach greater levels of joy."
-- Berda Gilmore

"I literally and metaphysically hit the jackpot when a friend introduced me to Ian and Brandy, of Alpha Gamma Brain. Throughout my entire life I had been suffering from a slew of debilitating physical and emotional symptoms: Low energy, brain fog, apathy, depression, anxiety, and lack of clarity- life was a struggle to say the least. Within minutes of having my first private session with Ian he was able to accurately evaluate my situation and put me on a program, that when followed, made me feel like myself again! Ian does not only take into account the physical body- he also delves into what is happening to you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Brandy, is a wickedly smart and beautiful force to be reckoned with. She is truly a shaman. During her Applied Spirituality groups she is able to distill the purest truths about living a life that overflows with abundance, grace and love. Alpha Gamma Brain is treating the new universal human. They are only interested in you living your very best life. I feel like I am well on my way to living mine!"
-- Jessie Schoen

"Working with Ian in private sessions has helped me to drop victim consciousness and connect to my Higher Self. Through these sessions, I have released false negative programming and reclaimed my power as a man. Every session with Ian is as much a discovery about life as it is a healing treatment that brings noticeable change.

Brandy's Applied Spirituality group gives me new energy and direction every week. Her discourse helps me further develop self mastery and soulfulness. The strength within this supportive group is stretching me open and helping me make a loving impact on the lives of others."
-- Jimmy Allen

"I have attended most of Brandy’s prosperity groups this past year and it has been an eye opening experience. The knowledge and wisdom that she shares each and every week has helped me in my ongoing journey of personal growth. More specifically, when I followed her instructions on financial prosperity I have had positive results.

In conjunction with Brandy’s prosperity groups I have been working with Ian in private sessions. Working with Ian has helped me to uncover and heal some of my Karmic wounds. It was most helpful for me to discover that I held certain negative ideas which limit my growth and potential for a happier and prosperous life. After being tested for my beliefs about money Ian helped me to let go of the negative beliefs and embrace a more positive outlook on wealth. I am most grateful and honored to be working with both Ian and Brandy. They have enriched my life."

In gratitude,
-- Shoshana Levine, LCSW

"I felt like I had been sleeping walking for most of my life until Ian Mussman helped me wake up. I had no idea of the subconscious beliefs I had been carrying that were influencing my thoughts and behaviors. Equally remarkable is the speed at which these discoveries were made. Ian's work is truly transformational and exciting.

Each session is like looking in a mirror that helps me to really see myself. For example, I was astounded to learn that some of my present behaviors were remnants of mimicking those of my sister, from childhood, in an attempt to vie for our mother's love, actions are that are inefficient and counterproductive to a joyful life and behaviors that I would never consciously emulate. That was an eye-opener.

My work with Ian is filled with examples like these and has been a journey of self-discovery to find the real me."
-- Mimi Hersh

"The Applied Spirituality Groups, led by Brandy Bennitt, are a wonderful extension to my sessions with Ian, since they present a continual unfolding of his research and latest findings. Brandy's presentations have helped me gain a new perspective and approach to living a more fulfilling life. Her enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring, the information valuable and practical, all of which have had a profound influence on my daily routine. Best of all, the Prosperity Groups are nourishing and nurturing for the heart and soul, leaving me with a sense of contentment after each meeting. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to reap the benefits from Brandy and Ian's ongoing research and can't wait for their next discovery!"
-- Mimi Hersh

"My work with Ian Mussman over the last 15 years has been invaluable. I prefer taking active responsibility for my health and Mussman’s approach and tools allows for that, rather than following unquestioningly the solutions conventional medicine offers—which also have value and their place, but Mussman’s work allows me to be a true partner, proactive in my own health concerns. Through his testing, using the galvanic skin response, I am able to get answers that shine a light directly on any particular problem area so we can begin using natural methods to work with it, rather than needing to use lengthy, expensive, or invasive tests and prescription drugs. I can get an instant answer as to what might be a useful next step for particular health concerns and natural supplements and homeopathic products, which is my first choice.

In more recent years, Mussman’s way of working has focused more on going to the underlying spiritual issues that are manifesting as physical, mental, emotional, or financial problems. His partnership in zeroing in on the problem and ability to take me from recognition, to acknowledgment, to understanding and acceptance, and to forgiveness and healing, often in one session, is a true gift. Mussman’s tools and approach has saved me time, money, inconvenience, and has greatly enhanced the efficiency of my efforts to improve my own health. He tests my body’s need for a particular supplement and tells me how much I need at a particular time. I am deeply grateful for the enormous amount of help I have received from Mussman over the years and how it has greatly improved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "
-- Linda Davine, MA, MFTI

"Brandy Bennitt’s weekly Applied Spirituality Group Lectures and Teleconferences have become an important and valued part of my Friday evenings. Brandy is so articulate in shedding new light on what might be considered an “overworked topic.” There is no quick fix, but Brandy points us in the right direction and gives us hope for opening new doors in one’s own personal experience of prosperity, which as she repeatedly tells us, is much more than money, but also includes money. She brings a very spiritual spin to this topic, with which I greatly resonate. Brandy, you have helped me get some movement going in an area of my life that seemed like there would never be any forward movement—and you have expanded my concept of what prosperity is. I am so grateful for the rich and relevant ideas you share with us weekly and your willingness to practice all the steps you are suggesting to us—you are taking the journey right along with us and that feels very supportive to me. Thank you so much!!!"
-- Linda Davine, MA, MFTI

"After brain training I feel relaxed and more able to deal with life effectively. Ian's sessions have made such a dramatic impact on my life. My world has expanded. He helps illuminate what's bothering you and then miraculously release it with much skill and compassion. Brandy's weekly talks are educational and inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious! I would recommend for everyone to try this!"
-- Liesl

"I am truly at a loss for words at how much my life has transformed from my work with Ian and Brandy.  When I first started having sessions with Ian, I was exhausted - sleeping all the time, suffering from severe depression, agoraphobia, fibromyalgia, and other serious physical and emotional conditions.  I couldn't finish my graduate school thesis after several years and was in serious debt, I had been in psychotherapy for several years, and I was emotionally estranged from my mother.  

After learning new skills from Ian, I regained my energy, my confidence, enthusiasm, and zest for live.  I transformed my life from a very tired, unsatisfied person, to a vibrant happy and successful human being.  After our first initial session, the physical results were very quick and obvious, a lot of my energy came back after identifying my food allergies and changing my health/eating habits. I thought I was a very healthy eater before I worked with Ian, but as it turned out, I had lots of food allergies that were depleting me and hindering my immune system.  As an example, I used to get really nasty colds 3-4 times a year, now I get a cold every two years!  After the initial overhaul of my eating habits and doing some detox work, I was strong enough to start exercising again and my mind became much clearer.

Once I became sturdier, we began working on my spirit.  This work - I am sure - is unique and very personal for everyone.  I released the fears and resentment that had not only contributed to my physical exhaustion, but were weighing me down and stopping me from achieving my life long dreams and goals - not to forget making my head very foggy.  Here are some of the tangible results:  I went from being single and dating some very poor matches in LA, to meeting and marrying the man of my dreams, I went from severe debt to making six figures in a profession (entertainment) that I love.  My mother and I were able to genuinely heal our relationship before she died and my relationships with my family members have improved 150%.  I used to drag myself out of bed, now I no longer feel sluggish and tired when I get up.  My toxic relationships fell away and I now am part of a spiritually based, fun and successful community.

Most recently, I completed over 80 hrs of Brain training.  At first, I was skeptical and my results were not instant.  But after I completed 60 hrs, I really began to see a significant difference.  A low-grade sense of anxiety and depression that was still lingering in the background, literally vanished!  My brain began to organize and focus in a different way. Now I can organize my writing and thoughts so much easier and more logically.  My memory improved drastically and a sense of peace, which I had been craving literally washed over me. I am just thrilled that the pervasive low-grade anxiety is gone.

It may seem as if this all happened very quickly.  It took time and dedication.  I worked with Ian and Brandy in a partnership. I asked lots of questions and took action. They have always treated me with incredible kindness, compassion and love.  The intelligence and research that goes into their work is outstanding.  To help share their knowledge to an even larger audience, Brandy has taken her research and gifts to the media with her Prosperity Channel, which is free to all.  I have found watching these online talk shows has been a wonderful complement to my healing and success because it always helps me be "in the know" with their latest research and tools.

My journey to optimum health has been incredibly gratifying, because each step I take, although sometimes painful and difficult, has given me tremendous results, and like a staircase, each step continues to build on the next step, taking me to elevated levels of happiness, joy, prosperity and satisfaction.  

Thank you, Ian and Brandy!!"
-- LMS, Los Angeles, Ca


"I literally and metaphysically hit the jackpot when a friend introduced me to Ian and Brandy, of Alpha Gamma Brain. Throughout my entire life I had been suffering from a slew of debilitating physical and emotional symptoms: Low energy, brain fog, apathy, depression, anxiety, and lack of clarity- life was a struggle to say the least. Read the rest...

- Jessie Schoen

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