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Got Power?

Power is a very misunderstood concept. Many people carry the subconscious belief that power is bad (you’re heard the phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”) Read the rest of this article


Prosperity is a true state of abundance, peace, joy, health and enthusiasm for life.

Shockingly, it is not determined by what you do for a living, how hard you work or how good you are at what you do. Read the rest of this article

Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is your very best friend. The more you know your Higher Self, the more joyful you will be, and the more Grace will fill your life. Read the rest of this article

Jumping for Joy

How often do you stop and ask yourself, “How joyful am I feeling right now?” If you are like me for most of my life – until about eighteen months ago- not very often. Maybe never. Eighteen months ago I began a quest with my partner Ian to uncover what Prosperity is really all about, and the results of our research shocked us at first. Read the rest of this article

Emotions and How They Work

Let's think of your emotional body as a pool of water. When that pool is perfectly still and clear (i.e. an emotional score of 95%), emotions that arise in consciousness are instantly and perfectly reflected, easily identifiable and thus easily processed, acted upon, and released. However, when traumatic events happen, and as a result, our nervous system goes out of balance, waves are created in the water. It becomes less easy to identify reflections (emotions) and often those emotions are perceived in a distorted way due to the waves, which are the result of past trauma, not present circumstances. Read the rest of this article

How Karma Works

Karma: The Game of Life It is the need for validation and recrimination that keeps us coming back to the same issues, life after life (or again and again within one life). It is driven both by the false belief in our own victimization as well as our earnest desire to shift our consciousness to a higher level. Karma is our method of righting wrongs and transcending the human perception of the imperfect world of pain and suffering. Karma is not a bitch, although until you get the hang of it, it certainly feels like it. Read the rest of this article

Divine Mother

We exist in her heart. She is the sunlight, and she permeates everything. Everything that comes to us is a gift from Divine Mother. When our heart is open to her and our relationship to her is one of unconditional love, we perceive all her gifts as they truly are, gifts of unconditional love. Read the rest of this article



"I have enjoyed tremendous results from Alpha Gamma, both from brain training with Brandy Bennitt, and from working with Dr. Ian Mussman. When I needed a solution to an allergy, one that had been intermittent for years, Ian discovered the perfect product for me using his testing equipment and within one day I was cured. Read the rest here.

- Susan Allan

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