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On The Evolution Revolution, we introduce you to new breakthroughs in the human potential movement that offer you transformation. Each show presents an insider’s view of options that are recent breakthroughs that have been explored by both co-hosts, Susan Allan and Brandy Bennitt. We are committed to living lives of peace and joy and we know that you are too!

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The Applied Spirituality Groups, led by Brandy Bennitt, are a wonderful extension to my sessions with Ian, since they present a continual unfolding of his research and latest findings. Brandy's presentations have helped me gain a new perspective and approach to living a more fulfilling life. Her enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring, the information valuable and practical, all of which have had a profound influence on my daily routine. Best of all, the Prosperity Groups are nourishing and nurturing for the heart and soul, leaving me with a sense of contentment after each meeting. Read more Testimonials here

- Mimi Hersh

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