Jumping for Joy

How often do you stop and ask yourself, “How joyful am I feeling right now?”

If you are like me for most of my life – until about eighteen months ago- not very often. Maybe never.

Eighteen months ago I began a quest with my partner Ian to uncover what Prosperity is really all about, and the results of our research shocked us at first.

Prosperity is about JOY

We found that prosperity is about a lot of things, but most of all, prosperity is about JOY. Joy is the direct result of the fulfillment of our desires. It is a marvelous emotion, as we all know – even though the vast majority of us do not often experience it.

I know that I didn’t really think much about joy before. I sort of gave it a passing glance of interest when I experienced it – like when I won a softball championship or a piano competition as a child. Or when I found myself the beneficiary of a sudden windfall of cash, right when I needed it. These things brought me joy for the moment. Of course, the moment passed. It always passes, doesn’t it?

Joy is a Way of Life

Actually, no. What I have learned is that joy is a way of life. It’s an actual energy vibration that we either embody – or we don’t. Now, here is where it gets interesting – it turns out that feeling joy actually magnetizes the fulfillment of our desires to us. I know, most of us think of it as the other way around – that when our desires are fulfilled, then we’ll feel joyful. But it works both ways. In fact, it’s much more powerful to keep yourself in a state of joy, because then you are constantly magnetizing things to yourself that bring you more joy, and the so the joy builds, and then more wonderful things come to you, and voila – you’ve built yourself a joy snowball, and it just keeps growing.

I know you may be saying to yourself, “Well, that sounds nice and all, but how do I do this, Brandy? I don’t feel joyful. I don’t have what I need in life, never mind what I really want. How am I supposed to feel joyful in this condition?”

The Source of Joy is Within You.

The answer, as it turns out, is that you can feel joy in any condition. I mean it – absolutely any condition. The source of joy is within you. In fact, it is neurologically wired into your system. Yes, our nervous systems have a response that is “Joy-specific” and if you invoke that response, you will also instantly bring yourself into a state of joy.

What is this response, you ask? Well, what do we do when we are really joyful? I mean JOYFUL. Not happy, not content – JOYFUL. When we are really, really joyful – when our team wins the World Series or we win the lottery or something equally joy-producing, we… jump.

Yes, we jump for joy. We do it without even thinking about it, without being conscious of it. We do it because that is what we are neurologically wired to do, and our systems therefore do it automatically. So here’s the secret: if you practice jumping for joy, even when you don’t feel joyful, you will begin to feel joyful almost immediately.

That’s right. Put your arms in the air and jump, and keep jumping. Jump for at least 30 seconds, and if you want, jump longer. The more joy the better. Jump for joy. Feel joy in your every pore. If you need some inspiration, imagine that someone just handed you a check for a very large amount of money – something like a “dream come true.” Imagine how much joy you would feel at receiving that check, and express that as you jump for joy.

I jump for joy for one minute of every hour that I am awake during the day. My joy now constantly bubbles up inside me. I feel joyful almost all of the time, and for no particular reason at all.

The first month that I jumped for joy with dedication, every hour of every day, my income tripled. I found my relationships went more smoothly. I had more peace and enthusiasm in my life.

That’s not to say that you won’t encounter inner resistance to doing this – you probably will. I certainly did. My “joy muscle” was weak, and it wasn’t used to being exercised! But over time, the resistance melted away, and now there’s nothing left but the joy and ever-increasing abundance.

So try it – try it now. Put your arms over your head and jump for joy! You don’t have to make it a high jump, just jump. Keep jumping until you start to feel the shift in your energy. It will come. The more you do this, the more joy you will feel. So do it often, do it regularly, and do it with your whole heart and I promise you – your entire life will change for the better.

Love and joy to you,


After brain training I feel relaxed and more able to deal with life effectively. Ian's sessions have made such a dramatic impact on my life. My world has expanded. He helps illuminate what's bothering you and then miraculously release it with much skill and compassion. Brandy's weekly talks are educational and inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious! I would recommend for everyone to try this!

- Liesl

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